Gila Chants
song of songs, sacred hebrew chants, el ka leem om

Gila, sound healer, energy practitioner and chanter, vividly demonstrates the power of the human voice and the magic of crystal singing bowls to move energy and release blocks.

Gila's remarkable voice evokes once and future times.
Her gift is astonishing -
a transcendent sound that calls the listener into spiritual awakening.

Jean Houston Ph.D,
Author, Scholar & Philosopher

To friends and fellow travelers on the road to the mysteries, I offer warm greetings and shalom:

As I journey with the words of the ancient ones, I make use of meditative practices and sound healing principles. The chants are often accompanied by the pure tone of crystal singing bowls. This alignment, coupled with the intention of the listeners, creates a most powerful sound field pregnant with potential for healing at all levels. The physical and etheric bodies are pulsed and bathed with highly amplified sacred sound, inducing altered states of consciousness. Openings are created for evolving and experiencing one’s true divine self - a self unencumbered by past patterns and traumas.

Ancient prayers and mantras take on a new dimension by combining Kabbalistic teachings and sound healing techniques. They are felt and experienced in a direct way beyond the confines of religious parctice.Dogma melts away. What is harnessed by those gathered is Kabbalah in its truest sense. The word Kabbalah denotes the concept of receiving. Thus, each listener receives the authentic essence of the sacred writings according to his or her own truth and spiritual path.

I honor and work with the sacred sound of various lineages.

Mantras and prayers uttered with intention and purity of heart, transcend linguistic, religious and cultural boundaries. Most often my work draws me to the teachings of the Hebrew and ancient Egyptian lineages. I feel that both lineages have close energetic ties and that certain aspect of ancient Egyptian teachings are encased in the Hebrew writings.

The human voice, particularly the sound of your own voice, is an instrument of healing. Its capacity to move energy surpasses that of any other musical instrument. Your voice is a powerful key that opens the doorway to wholeness and balance, summoning inner and outer peace. I invite you to open your heart and make use of the power words of any lineage that resonates with you. I invite you to join me in a sacred setting where we can joyfully raise our voices in song and movement.

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