Gila Chants



Gila's remarkable voice evokes once and future times. Her gift is astonishing - a transcendent sound that calls the listener into spiritual awakening.

— Jean Houston Ph.D,
Author, Scholar & Philosopher


A Healing Journey Through Sound

Gila comes naturally to sound healing from a heritage of renowned Middle Eastern cantors. Her gifts with sound laid dormant into adulthood as throat surgery in childhood damaged and scarred her voice. Seeking to recover from a severe blood condition, she turned to vibrational medicine. Her journey to health and balance reversed her blood condition and brought her the added boon of reclaiming her voice.


Yogic transmissions and initiations coupled with years of meditation and sound healing practices have attuned her voice to interdimensional sounds and the sounds of the ancient ones.


Gila has studied and grown up with traditional Judaism. She has facility with Middle Eastern languages and kabbalistic teachings. She has moved through her own spiritual development and embraces the sacred sound of all traditions. Her work is imbued with the essence of the sacred feminine and imparts self empowerment through sound.


The Power of Music and Faith

An interview with Gila Cadry by Evolve Magazine


Prominent voices are coming forth, leading the way to new interpretations of unassailable truths. Among these is Gila. An accomplished artist, Gila vividly demonstrates the power of the human voice as a healing instrument. Augmenting her strong, melodic voice with the sounds of crystal singing bowls, Gila moves energy to facilitate the soul’s journey. She combines ancient prayers and mantras to create profoundly potent sounds. Read more...

Gila's music has a mystical, transformative quality. It speaks to an ancient knowing that I've forgotten but long deeply to rediscover. As a freelance writer, at times I listen to Chant of the Hebrews while working to get out of my head and into my heart.

— Keith Mack, Langley, Washington