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About the Song of Songs

by Gila

Above is a display of some of my favorite passages from the sacred text "The Song of Songs" in English and Hebrew.

The Song of Songs is a collection of sensual, at times erotic poems written to the beloved. It is among the sacred texts of the Hebrew bible and its authorship is attributed to King Solomon. Born to a lineage of mystics and adepts, his father, King David was a master poet, musician and mystic who authored the Book of Psalms. His forbearer, Tamar was known in ancient Israel as a “kadisha”- an adept woman.

As a young man he had an initiation from the higher realms whereby he gained mastery at harmonizing and working with the energies of the heart. Scripture speaks of him as one who had a “knowing heart” and recounts the tale of his legendary wisdom after this initiation took place.

His devotion to mystical practices and his love of beauty led him to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem after its destruction by the Babylonians. The splendor and majesty of this temple equaled that of ancient Egyptian temples as it was home to music, song and temple based practices known to the ancients. His wives numbered many, as was the custom. They came from many lands and exercised influence over him. Among them was his Egyptian wife referred to in scripture as “the pharaoh’s daughter” and the queen of Sheba with whom he had a brief encounter.

The views, opinions and interpretation of this text are numerous and varied. It came close to being edited out of the Hebrew Bible. The sage Rabbi Akiva intervened and argued that this sacred text is the holy of holies and must be retained. The kabbalah teaches that there are ten great songs ever sung but that The Song of Songs is above all ten songs.

My experience with this multifaceted and multilayered text is mostly energy based. As I began to make use of various lines and passages in my meditative practice and in my work with others, I came to know not only the depth of its beauty, but also, the inherent power imbedded in its lines.

These timeless love poems speak of Divine union at all levels. Their codes of light fan the fires of passion and devotion. Their beauty sparks the heart, paving the way for union and communion with the beloved-on-high, the beloved-below and the beloved-within. They are laden with rich, divinely inspired allegories mapping out the terrain of consciousness with certain passages offering instruction for meditative practice.

The Song of Songs is a call for passion and Divine unification. It is an invocation and a summoning of that which is inherent to every heart. It is a potion for devotion.

May the Divine nectar of The Song of Songs sustain and fill your cup.
May the source of all that is dwell within your heart.

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