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The Song of Songs -

King Solomon's Songs of Divine Union

Songs to the beloved, inspired by the biblical text, The Song of Songs. Sung in Hebrew and English.

The codes of Solomon are unleashed and imparted in the midst of a soundscape deserving of his splendor and magic. Heavenly inspired melodies by Gila are honed and crafted by master musician Hans Christian, bringing to life timeless teachings and wisdom from the biblical text, The Song of Songs.

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Song of Songs
Let Him Kiss Me
Eyes of A Dove
Pillar of Fire
Sound of Love
Palace of Gold & Silver
Ha-Tor, The Turtledove
Awake, O North Wind
I Am The Rose
Lily of Sharon


A joyous sonic celebration of some of the most poignant poetry in antiquity.

— Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sound Pioneer

Visit The Song of Songs page to learn more about this sacred text and some of Gila's favorite passages.


Chant of the Hebrews

Ancient Hebrew chants accompanied by crystal singing bowl.

The pure tone of the quartz crystal bowl, the vibration of the voice, and the sacred sound of Hebrew mantras all meld together to create a symphony of sound conductive to balance, harmony, and higher states of consciousness.

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El-Ka-Leem-Om Shalom
Call to the Archangles and the Holy Beings
Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh
David - Psalm 23
Triangular Blessing
Ve Ahavta
Halleluyah - Psalm 150

I am moved by your muse. I have been soaking in the healing sound of "Chant of the Hebrews" at a time when I have not been able to connect.

— Leslie Goldman

During my recovery from a complicated orthopedic surgical procedure, when I could no longer bear the pain, I would reach for Gila's CD as an antidote to my discomfort. Listening to her, I would relax and often drift off to much needed sleep.

— Lucia DeFunis


Sacred Hebrew Chants

A musical journey on the wings of ancient Hebrew mantras and prayers.

Gila's inspirational voice is interlaced and woven with exotic instrumentation by Hans Christian. This album is a remix of an old favorite "Chant of the Hebrews".

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Gila's evocative chanting takes one back to an ancient time of spiritual oneness.

— Dudley Evenson, Soundings of the Planet

Gila manifests sound as powerful, ancient and ever present! Let her guide you to the threshold of inner exploration.

— Don Campbell, Author of "The Mozart Effect" and "The Roar of Silence".



El. Ka. Leem. Om Free Download

A mantra used in ancient Egypt to denote and honor the four elements: El- earth, Ka- fire, Leem- water, Om- air or space*.

These elements were held as sacred as they are the fabric and basis of our existence and sustenance. They are expressed in our biology, our physiology, in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the earth we walk upon.

Living as we do today, we are distanced from the knowingness of this interconnection. Making use of this mantra inwardly in meditation or outwardly by uttering or chanting it, brings forth the inherent remembrance of this sacred connection.

It has been my experience that as one works with this mantra and moves deeper with it, the remembrance of this connection gains strength and feelings of gratitude and appreciation spontaneously arise benefiting both the practitioner and all of life. I have made use of this mantra for many years and find it to be a most potent tool not only for remembering and honoring this sacred connection but also for grounding as I begin practice. I especially enjoy ending the chant with the Hebrew word shalom which means wholeness.

As you work with this mantra you will find new tunes and various means to make use of it.

Enjoy the mantra – El. Ka. Leem. Om. Share your experiences with this mantra.

*Refer to The Hathor Material, Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene

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